Our ability to provide the highest possible level of research quality is achieved in cooperation with external specialists and facilities (e.g. sleep laboratories, imaging facilities, etc.) and project-based integration of staff with special skills (e.g. dieticians, psychotherapists, specialists). Furthermore, we have network partners form varying fields:



From November 2016 until October 2019 daacro will participate in a EUROSTARS-project named „ActiveNutraLife – A new complementary medicine approach for the management of chemotherapy side effects“. This project aims at designing and testing in clinical studies a new complementary medicine approach to speed up the recovery of haematological cancer patients in a post-chemotherapy phase.

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Rehabilitation Centre Bad Salzuflen:

Our partner in the field of psychosomatic disorders and applicator of the neuropattern™ Diagnostik System.


German Society for Pharmaceutical Medicine:

The German Society for Pharmaceutical Medicine (abbreviated: DGPharMed) is an expert association comprised of physicians, scientists, academic graduates and further specialists in the field of pharmaceutical medicine with approximately 1200 members.



As one of 17 partners located in 8 European contries we contribute to ehe FP7-project Neurobiology and Treatment of Adolescent Female Conduct Disorder: The Central Role of Emontion Processing. The project is headed by Christine Freitag, MD, University of Frankfurt, Germany and funded by the European Commission.


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BPM - Bock Project Management:

Through our cooperation with Udo Bock, PhD, CEO of BPM, we are expanding our expertise for studies in the fields of skin, pre-clinical development and in-vitro analysis.
As a pharmaceutical chemist, Dr. Udo Bock was employed in the field of pre-clinical development for 15 years, focusing on human cell systems. In an Open Innovation Strategy Life Science (OILS), BPM is laying the groundwork for developments along the value-added chain and is therefore our contact for our sponsor's specialized questions in the fields of pre-clinical development and in-vitro systems.


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Orange OTC Research:

Insiders from the industry stand behind Orange OTC Research: Beside Dr. Juliane Hellhammer, Dr. Stefan Sandner from the pharmaceutical service provider Diapharm as well as Dr. Burkhard Breuer and Dr. Marion Breuer from the contract research institute proinnovera. Within this cooperation, the partners bundle their expert knowledge as CROs and consultants to strengthen OTC products and advance their market position.