Example: Skin care companies such as Beiersdorf AG developed special antiperspirants to protect against body odour and underarm perspiration.
Our clinical study findings have shown that new antiperspirants significantly reduce

the amount of perspiration, as well as body odour. Our study findings using our stress test lead to the development of the product "stress protect" from Beiersdorf.


Stress strongly influences our well-being and our appearance: hair, skin, perspiration. Specially developed methods and cosmetic products help to overcome stressful phases and prevent further stress. We know, for example, that during stress-induced perspiration, in contrast

to perspiration induced by physical exertion or heat, the apocrine sweat glands are activated in addition to the eccrine sweat glands. Alongside increased perspiration, an unpleasant odour results, further increasing the individual stress factor of an already stressful situation.


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