Example: The Israeli company Lipogen Ltd. manufactures soya phosphatidylserine capsules as a dietary supplement. First study data on animals and humans is available.

The goal of a daacro study was to show, whether different doses lead to a suppressed stress reaction. In 2004 the findings were scientifically published and presented to the authorities (FDA, EFSA).


Novel Food – Dietary Supplements – Functional Food

On a scale between completely healthy and ill are many facets of limited health. Acute or chronic stress is often a cause. Most are familiar with the symptoms: quality of sleep worsens, well-being and performance ability are reduced. First signs can be taken seriously and combated, for example, with specialized nutrition.

Old household remedies that have been traditionally handed down are now industrially manufactured by the food industry, joined by novel and functional foods. Should food ingredients and their preparation cause positive change in the organism, their health-related effects must be known and proven through clinical trials. daacro conducts such trials for your company. In the process, legal conditions and the planned areas of application determine our study protocol's design. In Europe, these can be Health Claims in accordance with EFSA Guidelines, for example.


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