Saliva Lab Trier

daacro’s Saliva Lab Trier was founded in 2013 and specializes in analysing saliva samples. We offer a wide array of laboratory analyses with emphasis on stress- and sleep-research, as well as hormonal diagnostics and burnout.

Saliva Lab Services

daacro has started a close collaboration with the US-based company Salimetrics. Salimetrics is the leading commercial manufacturer of analytical methods for measuring biomarkers in saliva (alpha-amylase, androstenedione, cortisol, C-reactive protein, DHEA, estradiol, estriol, progesterone, 17a-hydroxyprogesterone, IgA, testosterone and others on request). Our collaboration links our many years of clinical stress research expertise with the Salimetrics' extensive experience in the development of analytical methods for saliva testing. Take advantage of this unique partnership. Whether you have queries regarding the selection of parameters, finding appropriate biomarkers, selecting specific time points to best match your protocol or questions regarding sample collection, storage and shipping, our lab team will be happy to help you!


Cortisol – The Stress Hormone

In 1981, Professor Dirk Hellhammer, PhD, and his group introduced the assessment of steroid hormones in saliva to psychobiological research. Being extremely reliable, non-invasive as well as being laboratory independent, this new process soon spread all over the world. The cortisol measured in the saliva reflects the biologically active hormone fraction. Permanent small changes in the hormone level as caused by stress can have an adverse effect on other body functions such as blood pressure, body weight, etc., and can thus lead to somatic and mental disorders (e.g., type II diabetes, depression). Our clients benefit from our extensive experience by the lab team supporting study planning and implementing biomarker sampling to research trials based on the most recent scientific standards and achievements.

Of course you can also combine our laboratory services with other partial services of our CRO, for example planning, monitoring, statistics, medical writing, etc.

Saliva Analysis is:

easysamples can be collected at work, at home or in the lab
convenientmultiple samples can be collected as required in chronobiological assessments that span hours, days or even weeks
non-invasivedoes not require blood to be drawn and poses no risks to patients
affordablemore affordable than blood testing
fastquick results and turnaround
accuratewith an accuracy of over 90%, salivary testing is more accurate than blood testing


Scientific activities ensure scientific innovation and quality.

As SMEs with an own R&D, we participate in research projects funded by the European Union.
Currently, we are partners in two consortia:


daacro's Saliva Lab is a partner of the FP7-funded research project "Neurobiology and Treatment of Adolescent Female Conduct Disorder: The Central Role of Emotion Processing" (FemNAT-CD). The consortium consists of 17 European partners and includes 13 universities and four small and medium-sized companies from eight countries.

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Eurostars-Projekt: ActiveNutraLife – ANL

Since November 2016, daacros Saliva Lab has been supported by a Eurostars program with the project "ActiveNutraLife - A new complementary medicine approach for the management of chemotherapy side effects". The project aims to develop and validate a new procedure that accelerates the recovery process of blood cancer patients after completed chemotherapy. This new process combines complementary dietary supplements and an on-screen activity program with a novel stress diagnosis to measure individual fatigue (cancer fatigue). Such an "ActiveNutraLife" kit is to be offered later by health insurance companies and insurers.

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