Feasibility of a Study

During the planning phase of the study, we are committed to providing a reliable estimate of test subjects. Test subjects are recruited after this determination is made. In order to do so, patients are only recruited just before the beginning of a study.

To date, all of our studies have achieved or exceeded recruitment goals. In order to work for you most efficiently, we assure you the following:

  • our knowledge and methods are always based on the latest scientific findings.
  • a thorough analysis of the latest literature on the particular subject.
  • work hard to provide you with advice that is appropriate to your requirements in our test/study report.
  • realistically assess our capacities.
  • discuss the possibilities of recruitment campaigns with our client.
  • utilize our experience.


The recruitment of patients is a sensitive subject. However, our experience enables us to make a realistic assessment of the possibilities that give you, as client and principal of the study, the planning safety you require.