daacro’s professional and specialized Clinical Research Facility in Trier

Germany has been recognized as one of the most important markets in the global pharmaceutical field and for manufacturers of natural remedies / nutritional supplements. This market has meticulous requirements for professionalism, a qualified staff, and the clinical research site in order to conduct an excellent clinical trial.

What characterizes daacro’s in-house clinical trials unit?
We consistently set and uncompromisingly pursue the highest quality standards in research at our clinical site. That same rigor is also strictly implemented in our scientific, regulatory, and strategic consulting services.

Centralized expertise, flexible workplaces and weekly team-meetings make an important contribution.

Our clinical site also enables various study types (pharma, cosmetics, and nutrients) to implement specific requirements for space, technical equipment, and study-specific training for the staff.

Our facilities:

daacro’s study site is located in the Science Park of Trier and in immediate neighborhood of specialized medical centers, practices and the University of Trier. A modern infrastructure and light-filled rooms ensure a pleasant stay for our study participants as well as a comfortable working environment for the team. Our study volunteers use an entrance area with reception and seating area, five individual rooms and a recreation room. During the summer months, our outdoor area and lounge expand the indoor area. The study staff operates from a medical room, a study and data management room, a study-related activities room, and we also maintain a sample preparation area for the lab and a kitchen. Additional rooms for stress-test performance, medication and sample storage (temperature-controlled fridges, -20º and -80º C freezer) and archiving complete the site.

Biostatistics, the Saliva Lab Trier and the administration are located on a different floor.

We unmistakably meet international required standards with regard to our qualified personnel (e. g. PI and Investigators, Study Nurses, Data Manager, and Quality Manager), infrastructure (secured space for patient information, laboratory, medication storage, monitoring, archiving), and our IT area, including in-house programming. daacro also provides Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and our own patient- / proband-database to meet quality standards, but also to maintain a highly desirable success-rate for completing our clinical trials “on time and within budget”.

The daacro team is complemented by a large network of resident colleagues and specialized departments from academic teaching hospitals, regionally and trans-regionally. Our site management and support ensures we maintain a professional level of service, even when integrating foreign clinical sites. Thus, all subject-specific studies can be carried out in a timely, qualitative, safe and cost-effective manner.

We are happy to offer all services individually and in collaboration with other companies / academic institutions or as a “one-stop-shop”. This offering also includes the daacro Clinical Research Site.